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Course 04: Basic Object Oriented Programming (ArsDigita University)

Published 2001

The concepts of the Object-oriented paradigm using Java. The basic principles of software engineering are emphasized. We study how to design and think in an object oriented fashion. As a final project, students work in groups to develop a Gnutella distributed music-sharing client.

Text: Core Java 2, Volume I: Fundamentals and Volume II: Advanced Features,Hortsmann and Cornell.

Requirements: One exam, two problem sets, one project.

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Reviewer: zmb - - March 28, 2009
Subject: Impracticle Video Quality
The course seems fine (I haven't finished watching it), but I don't understand why are people using this real media codec... these movies have ~5MB/min rate (at 320x240) and I made a test with divx3 (with mencoder, 2 pass encoding) and I obtained under 5MB/min and a very good quality for a 704x544 movie. This means that for these movies you would be able to obtain a much better quality and possibly smaller files (since the resolution is 5 times smaller than the one in my test, you would be able to drop down even more from the video stream).
Reviewer: fhzaki - - June 5, 2006
Subject: Total Best
i found my understanding getting better, thanks.
Reviewer: teerayoot - - January 18, 2006
Subject: the best course
I have found it valuable and profit for many people.

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